GSM NET Solutions
   GSM Desktop Management Service is a fully managed solution that offers best reliable and secure support and maintenance services for corporate desktops. Our solutions help IT departments to deliver high-quality, cost-effective desktop support by optimizing desktop infrastructure, improve end-user productivity and protect corporate desktop assets.
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           GSM offers a large and varied set of product sales and services including a full range of hardware solutions from entry level PCs/Notebooks to      high-end servers for the needs of Corporate, Small Business and Home customers.GSM provides many IT services including the major services
Network and Security Services

GST NET Network and Security Services offer a knowledgeable team, expertly trained in both manufacturing and IT. Our converged team has the domain expertise to provide you with the appropriate services your industrial control and information networks require. Understanding how your network and security infrastructure, policies and procedures affect your plant, and the personnel who use them everyday, is our job. No matter where you are in your control system lifecycle, our Network Specialists collaborate with you allowing you to achieve your production and business goals.

Server Management

GSM NET has extensive experience in assisting organisations with procuring and setting up custom servers for many purposes. GSM NET is also able to manage your servers day to day running and assist you with policy development relating to your servers.

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